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Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis Mar 23, 2018

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We’ve shared a few stories about how Wellness Powder can help you own your adventure. Whether it be a quick and wholesome breakfast or a summit snack, we have you covered.

Today, we will be taking things a step further and sharing exactly how you can easily enjoy Wellness Powder whilst hiking, backpacking, climbing, etc. These recipes are great alternatives to protein/nutrition bars as they have way less sugar (22g of sugar in leading protein bar versus 4-6g naturally occurring sugar in Plant Based Vegan or New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powder), are easy to pack in and out, while also delivering 18g of protein, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. Without further ado, here’s what Wellness Powder looks like in the wild:


Meet my new addiction – these are so easy to pop as a snack it’s sometimes hard to stop. You only need 15 minutes to prep these bad boys, you can do it the morning of, the night before or even earlier in the week before your adventure. Throw them in your pack and get exploring!

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The theme here is EASY – these are better to have prepped a day before your adventure as they take about 30 minutes to firm up in the fridge. Other than that, prep time is about 15 minutes. When you start to feel that midday grumble at camp or on the trail, reach for some no-bake Kura cookie goodness.



When I’m backpacking, car camping or hiking, this is how I start my mornings and keep my energy up mid-hike, climb, walk, etc. I pack my Kura signature shaker, water and two travel packets for every day of my adventure. I typically have a Sea Salt Chocolate single-serve travel packet with water in the morning and then another later in the day if I’m feeling hungry. The shaker is compact and can simply be refilled with water once you’re done (this is how I clean it on the go, no mess or hassle). For the fancier folk, you can use a Hydroflask to keep your drink of choice cold (cold brew or almond milk) and enjoy with a travel packet on a summit, trailside, at the crag or when you reach your campsite.

There are so many ways you can easily enjoy Wellness Powder outside, all of which offer wholesome nutrition, little to no mess and most importantly, no hassle or significant added weight to your pack. Check out our recipe blog for some additional inspo and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest Kura in the Wild recipes.

Send us any creative concoctions you bring on the trail for a chance to be featured in our next post!

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