Avocado Face Mask DIY

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis Feb 1, 2018

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Avocado on toast, avocado in a salad, avocado on your....face....

If avocado toast just isn't enough for you, try out our fave avo-based masks.
3/4 of avocado, mashed
1tsp raw honey diluted in 1/2tsp hot water
Mix all of the ingredients together. Apply this avocado goodness to your clean face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes then enjoy the hydration.
1/2 of avocado, mashed
2tbsp honey
2tbsp lime juice
1/4c extra virgin olive oil
4tbsp sea salt (or try raw sugar!)
Add avocado, honey & lime juice to a blender & blend until smooth. Slowly add in olive oil - you may not need all 1/4c depending on how big your avocado is. Texture should be a thick cream. Remove mixture from blender & add in sea salt. Apply this avocado goodness to your clean face in circular motion to exfoliate. Leave on for 15-20 minutes then BOOM, perfection.
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