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Sourcing Matters: Our Thoughtful Plant Based Protein Blend

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Aug 22, 2018 5:27:21 PM

 The Sourcing Matters Series highlights and explains the ethical sourcing and benefits of each Kura ingredient. We believe transparency is key in changing the food industry, so we promise to #ownourroots every day.

Our plant based vegan protein is a unique blend of North American-sourced sunflower, pea and pumpkin protein, delivering a complete amino acid profile. This is important, as your body needs 20 different amino acids to form a protein. Nine of these 20 are not produced by your body and must be consumed, and you can find them in our Plant Based Vegan Wellness Powder

Kura’s certified organic, non-GMO pea protein is extracted using only water and a mechanical process to remove most of the starch and fiber content, leaving the concentrated, chemical-free, plant protein powder behind.  No solvents are ever used! Our North American-grown peas have the most complete amino acid profile and the lowest sodium content of any pea protein in the market. 

Kura’s gluten-free, non-GMO pumpkin protein is rich in dietary-indispensable amino acids, including the desirable branched chain amino acids that are important for muscle growth and muscle recovery. In addition to high protein content, our North American-sourced pumpkin protein is extracted carefully ensuring nutrients are protected from light, heat and harmful oxidation. 

Kura's certified organic, non-GMO sunflower protein is sourced from  carefully processed sunflower seeds  to concentrate the valuable protein. It contains essential amino acids, b-vitamins, valuable polyphenols and is rich in fiber. Like our pea & pumpkin protein, we extract our sunflower protein without the use of chemicals or solvents. Using a special cold pressing process, the peeled organic sunflower seeds are finely ground and CO2-extracted to reduce the amount of fat and increase protein content. 

Have any questions about what we covered today? Send them my way along with any comments you have!  Also, be sure to stay tuned for additional posts in our Sourcing Matters Series.

Keep it real,


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

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3 Ways To Spice Up Your Weekend

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on May 30, 2018 1:32:32 PM

photo: Adventure & Lifestyle Photographer @dani_the_explorer 

Sometimes the weekend sneaks up on us before we’ve had time to make plans. We all fall victim to balancing the desire to explore with the need for down time, it looks a little something like this:

After an exhausting work week, you’re simply too tired to do anything Friday night. You drink a glass of vino and shamelessly go to bed at 11pm. But when you wake up fresh on Saturday, you start thinking, “What now….?”

It’s time to harness your inner Weekend Warrior. It’s time to seize the goddamn day. Whether you get your booty out the door Friday night after work, or only have Saturday and Sunday to explore, these three plug-and-play adventures have got you covered:

1.) Find your national or state park.

I'm gonna need you to stop mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed, looking at Carol's comments, and look at something worth your precious time...your local national or state park. Regardless of where you live, you most likely have some sort of recreational area nearby. Simply find your park, put it in your GPS, and go reap the bountiful benefits of nature. Whether you're just going for a stroll or actually going to tackle a serious hike,  you'll walk away soothed, recharged, and with a well-spent weekend. 

 2.) Yelp and hit the road, Jack. 

Exploring is not synonymous with a demanding physical activity, it can be done from the comfort of your trusty old car and with a simple Yelp search. There's a reason why old timey folks went on Sunday drives—the wind in your hair, discovering new places, impromptu conversations with strangers at the stops along the way—it's down right liberating.  Nowadays, you have the added benefit of leveraging Yelp to find the hidden gems—restaurants, activities, museums—along the way. It's empowering knowing that you are in control of where you're going, and you could go anywhere. So next Saturday when you have nothing to do, grab some healthy snacks (the Kura Tribe's got you on the foods), and hit the road. 

3.) Like, totally zen out, man

If you want to walk away from your weekend reinvigorated and grateful for life, I have three words for you—DISCONNECT FROM TECHNOLOGY. I get technology is cool and all, I mean that's how you're reading this blog. But next weekend, take a stand against the man and detach. Our brains need to detox from the barrage of  information that funnels through television, social media, etc. When we give ourselves a chance to reset, that's when the magic happens. 

We all need a restful weekend every now and then, but weekends are for living...I mean REALLY living. So don't forget that and take advantage of your opportunity to explore!

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copywriter

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Got a Chocolate Craving? Make It Healthy With These 5 Ingredients

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on May 15, 2018 7:11:33 PM

Chocolate cravings can get us when we least expect it.  It can hit after you've woken up consistently for that 6 AM yoga class, or said no to pizza and opted for veggies. You're feeling like the epitome of health and then BOOM.

One night, you're sitting on the couch after a long day, and you start thinking about cookies.  Or ice cream...chocolate ice cream. It's that dreaded chocolate craving rearing it's indomitable presence in your tummy.  Have no fear, chocolate cravings don't have to mean excessive calories, or unhealthy sugars and fats. The Kura Tribe's got you covered with our super simple, yet HEALTHY, 5-ingredient Chocolate Avocado Pudding. (Insider secret: Make it vegan by using our Plant Based Vegan Wellness Powder!)

More good news—you most likely already have all of the ingredients you need to whip up your pudding.  Break open your pantry and grab your Kura Plant Based Vegan or Pasture Raised Dairy Wellness Powder, two avocados, maple syrup, vanilla extract and cocoa powder. Blend your ingredients with vigor, knowing that your wellness train is valiantly continuing on it's course! Once blended, let your pudding chill in the fridge for an hour (patience is a virtue), then grab yourself a bowl of goodness.  

Instead of succumbing to sugary, empty calories, you've made yourself a nutrient-rich, delicious snack. Along with the protein, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that Kura provides, you're reaping the health benefits of avocado, maple syrup, vanilla extract and cocoa powder. Here's what these ingredients get you:


  • Healthy fats that help you inside and out, supporting skin, hair, nails and cardiovascular health
  • Loaded with antioxidants and aid in antioxidant absorption
  • They're DELICIOUS


  • A natural alternative to processed sugar, its lower glycemic index won't spike your blood sugar
  • Contains antioxidants and minerals that support skin health and help fight inflammation
  • Conjures up memories of pancakes and waffles


  • Antioxidant-packed to help fight free-radicals
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties support overall immune health
  • Smells like heaven


  • Low-calorie, high in fiber and packed with minerals
  • You guessed it, antioxidants. 
  • All the cocoa goodness without the bad stuff

Now that you've got the scoop, here are the ingredients and directions:


1 serving Chocolate Kura

2 ripe avocados

1tsp vanilla extract

1/4c cocoa powder

1/4c maple syrup


Pit avocados & blend until creamy. Add remaining ingredients & blend until smooth. Place pudding into a container & chill for one hour. 

Got a different kind of craving? Check out our recipe blog for more healthy, benefit-packed inspo! 

Keep it real,


The Kura Tribe Copywriter

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3 Gifts Your Mama Actually Wants

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on May 10, 2018 10:50:32 AM

photo: @joyfullygreen

What do you get for the woman who does it all? It's an age-old question that sends us on an annual whirlwind hunt for the perfect Mother's Day Gift.  Time is just about up, so we're doing you a solid with three thoughtful gifts your mama will surely love. Stake your claim as the favorite child and get planning, because she is so much more than a Yankee Candle. 
1. Take her out to brunch. 
When it comes down to it, your mom just wants to spend time with you.  Between your busy life, and her empty nest, one-on-one time is what she cherishes. Plan a brunch date for next week at that local place she's never been, but always wanted to go. Pick her up, spend the afternoon catching up over mimosas and treat her to a yummy spread. 
2. Keep her thriving for years to come.
Give the gift of wellness with Kura's Plant Based Vegan or Pasture Raised Dairy Wellness Powders. Your mom is still kicking butt after all these years, but she needs nutrition that can keep up with her. Our Wellness Powders will satisfy her sweet tooth and nourish her body with protein, probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants and more. She can blend it into her favorite smoothie, or bake it into her staple recipes—either way, Kura will fit right into her routine . 
3. Treat her to a weekend getaway. 
If you're feeling fancy, book the surprise weekend getaway of your mama's dreams! If she loves the outdoors, take her on a glamping trip and pull out all of the stops. If she prefers a mattress to a tent, look at your local Airbnb options for a unique staycation space. 
So, book your brunches, plan your getaways and head to our shop for your Wellness Powders. Have a magical weekend and remember, it's always the thought that counts!
Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copywriter

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In a Rut? Try These 9 Tips & Reignite Your Fire

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on May 9, 2018 1:29:43 PM

photo:  @thelifeofjessicaa fueling her fire

Halfway through the year we can hit a wall in our quest for well-being. Work gets busy, we’re bouncing from one weekend adventure to the next and our routine goes haywire. Break through your wellness paralysis with these nine soul-savers:

1. Immerse yourself in nature.

The simple act of being in nature does wonders for your mind. Natural spaces soothe us, lessen stress and essentially give our brains a big hug. Next time you need to recharge, take a wellness walk at your local trail or head to the beach for some salt water therapy.  

2. Take a bath with mineral salts and essential oils.

When I’m feeling the stress vortex of life sucking me in, I know it’s time to bathe like a queen. Not all salts and essential oils are created equal, and the benefits go way further than just smelling nice. Looking to reduce stress or relieve muscle soreness? Find your ideal concoction and treat yo self ASAP.

3. Find a dog, any dog, and pet the little guy.

Who doesn’t feel better after petting a fluffy doggo? Most of us experience a release of oxytocin, which improves mood and can help with anxiety. Humans and dogs are made for each other, it's, like, science.

4. You are what you eat. 

We might all want to be donuts, but our bodies would not be cool with that. Give your body what it needs to thrive—a balanced diet. An easy place to start is Kura's Plant Based Vegan or Pasture Raised Dairy Wellness Powders. When you're short on time, it's the perfect way to stay nourished. Prep fast and go while getting your fix of protein, probiotics, prebiotics, omega-3s and everything else you need to #ownyouradventure.

5. Devote time to your passion project.

So, you’ve gotten your dose of the outdoors, you've pet some dogs, and you’re feeling ALIVE. Harness your new-found rejuvenation and channel it into your passion project. This is something that makes you feel connected with your truest self and brings inner peace.  Maybe it’s a vegetable garden or writing a book, but whatever it is, make sure that you’re taking the time to identify what fires you up and make it a consistent part of your life.

6. Surround yourself with people who lift you up.

Do your thing and the right people will follow. When you are unabashedly yourself, you attract friends who are on a similar vibration. Whether it’s sharing a glass of wine, or an early-morning brainstorming sesh, nothing will get you out of a rut like time spent with your tribe.

7. Book the solo trip of your dreams.

Get your soul feelin' like an inferno! Travelling on your own gives you the opportunity to truly understand your desires and conquer your fears. Make time for yourself to experience something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

8. Read one book a month.

Or whatever time frame works for you. Swap out binge watching for a book and your brain will blossom. Get lost in a dream world or feed a long-standing interest with knowledge—books are a window to anything you choose.

9. Be mindful.

Easier said than done, but practicing mindfulness will improve your mental well-being, and stiff-arm that subconscious voice. Kill two birds with one stone and make your book of the month Fully Present: The Science, Art and Practice of Mindfulness.

Wellness isn’t some complicated formula, it’s a balance of taking time for yourself, following your passions and feeding your mind. So, get out there, read some books, pet some dogs and be one with your best self!

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copywriter

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Sourcing Matters: Our Philosophy

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on May 7, 2018 1:30:49 PM

photo: @sugaredcoconut

 The Sourcing Matters Series highlights and explains the ethical sourcing and benefits of each Kura ingredient. We believe transparency is key in changing the food industry, so we promise to #ownourroots every day

KEEP IT REAL Our formulations keep it the way nature intended through our thoughtful blends, carefully selected ingredients & holistic approach to nutrition.

INSPIRED LIVING We promise to be a resource for you on your journey to a nutritious, wholesome life while providing products that make it attainable.  

GOODNESS FOR ALL Leveraging our business as a force for good, we build meaningful relationships with our partners to leave it better than we found it for the next generation.

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY We strive to create one global community – a convergence of respect for Mother Nature & each other. From our supply chain to our packaging, we lessen impact whenever we can.

Our philosophy is what makes me proud to be part of the Kura Tribe. It permeates everything we do and explains our small team’s mutual love of nature, good vibes and wellness. When we say Kura is ‘New Zealand born,’ it’s more than semantics—it's our bedrock. The indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori, are irrevocably tethered to nature. They firmly believe that humans are not superior to nature, and that we only reach our fullest potential when we find oneness with the land and sea.

This belief system is deeply ingrained in New Zealand’s present-day culture, which explains the untainted purity, respect for nature, and holistic caring for farm animals that we cherish today. Nature is our normal, so when we went into business, we knew we couldn’t have it any other way. It has impacted how we source our ingredients, how we formulate our Wellness Powders and the role we play in our global and local community.


Each ingredient in both our Plant Based Vegan and New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powders is sourced ethically and mindfully. Nature got it right the first time, so we don't manipulate or over-manufacture ingredients, which is why our Wellness Powders are non-GMO, with no preservatives, stevia, additives or gluten. Our cows are pasture raised, our plant protein is carefully extracted without the use of chemicals or solvents and we support developing communities with the sourcing of our acacia prebiotic fiber. Along with our mindful sourcing practices, we try to lessen environmental impact where we can throughout our supply chain and in our New Hampshire headquarters. All ingredients are flown to the United States before the blending process begins to lessen weight during shipments, in turn lessening carbon emissions. Our office is lovingly decorated with second-hand furniture, a kitchen stocked with reusables, and of course, all green-cleaning products.


Our philosophy also applies to how our products affect your body.  A blend of whole milk and whey concentrate, our dairy protein offers unstripped goodness that your body processes as nature intended. We decided to remove whey protein isolate for a few reasons:

By not stripping our protein of healthy fats, we are providing you with protein higher in CLAs, omega-3s and a variety of important vitamins and minerals. In addition to these, we’ve added in 23 vitamins and minerals that are important for overall wellness—including vitamin B12, beta carotene and vitamin E. We do not include 100% of your required daily intake, and we do this on purpose. We expect that you are eating other nutritious foods throughout the day, and that taking an excessive amount—or “mega-dosing”— of vitamins and minerals every day for a sustained period can be adverse for your health. 


Our team strongly believes that business can be used as a force for good. We have prioritized partnering with environmental organizations to make the world a better place for future generations. Planting trees, carbon offsets and volunteer work are some of the ways we’ve started to lend a helping hand. As the Kura Tribe grows, we will only continue to expand our philanthropic reach.

Have any questions about our philosophy? Send us your questions and comments, and be sure to stay tuned to our Sourcing Matters Series for more behind-the-scenes scoop!

Keep it real,


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

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Sourcing Matters: The Importance of Prebiotic Fiber in Your Diet

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Apr 26, 2018 11:44:07 AM

photo: Allen & Robert

 The Sourcing Matters Series highlights and explains the ethical sourcing and benefits of each Kura ingredient. We believe transparency is key in changing the food industry, so we promise to #ownourroots every day.

For our bodies to function at full tilt, we must pay attention to seemingly miniscule parts of our diet. One of these elusive ingredients is prebiotic fiber. We’ve all heard of probiotics, but prebiotics can elicit a question mark. While probiotics are important for gut and overall immune health, prebiotics help probiotic colonies flourish and do their job.

Our VP of Sales, Jen, puts it like this, “Pairing prebiotics with probiotics is the equivalent of sending probiotics into your body with a bagged lunch to keep them full and functioning.” Cute, right? That’s precisely why we’ve paired 5g of acacia prebiotic fiber with 2b CFUs probiotics in our Plant Based Vegan & New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powders.


Not all prebiotic fibers are made equal, some can seriously hurt your stomach and send you into gas/diarrhea hell. Nobody's got time for that, so we made sure to choose the right prebiotic fiber. Our acacia prebiotic fiber is carefully sourced from acacia Senegal trees in Saharan Africa. This fiber offers a variety of benefits that will surely make you smile:

  • No flatulence or stomach bloating. Acacia fiber does not have high water retention, so it can float through your intestines without stirring up trouble. Lots of prebiotics on the market can cause almost instantaneous bloat, gas and stomach pain because they have low-gut tolerance. This means they push excessive amounts of water out of your intestines, creating diarrhea and gas. Kura’s prebiotic fiber has high-gut tolerance, so you get all the health benefits without the unruly side effects.
  • Helps your body work harder. Your intestinal flora and fauna can become disturbed when dealing with bouts of stress, antibiotic therapy or infection. Prebiotic fiber in your diet is like having a good guy rooting for your healthy bacteria – it will help the good bacteria flourish and stand up to fight internal battles.
  • Makes our Wellness Powders extra smooth. Not to toot our own horn, but one of Kura’s biggest differences is the smoothness of our powder when mixed into a drink. That’s because acacia prebiotic fiber improves the overall mouthfeel and texture of our Plant Based Vegan and New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powders. 
  • Carefully selected for sustainability and ethics. As if this prebiotic fiber couldn’t get any better, it’s also an important source of income for developing African countries and is harvested without chemicals, solvents or hurting the environment. Acacia fiber is harvested by making a small cut into the bark of an acacia Senegal tree, which allows the gum-like resin to seep out. The sap is hand-harvested, dried and ground into a powder. According to the United Nations, acacia prebiotic fiber is a “promising commodity for producing countries due to its potential to generate foreign exchange, promote sustainable agriculture and forestry, ensure food security and combat desertification and climate change.”

So, don’t forget to pack your probiotics lunch! Include our ethically sourced Wellness Powders into your daily routine knowing you’re doing something for YOU. Have any additional questions on our sourcing or benefits? Give us a shout and be sure to stay tuned for more posts in our Sourcing Matters Series.

Keep it real,


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

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Sourcing Matters: The Cleanest Dairy Protein in the World

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Apr 19, 2018 2:43:41 PM

 The Sourcing Matters Series highlights and explains the ethical sourcing and benefits of each Kura ingredient. We believe transparency is key in changing the food industry, so we promise to #ownourroots every day.

Dairy protein gets a bad rap in the United States, and rightfully so. Without any federal legislation protecting agricultural animals, there's no guarantee that United States-sourced dairy protein is ethically produced. Even if the label says grass fed, that doesn't necessarily mean the cows that yielded the protein roamed free. Everyone, including cows, deserves better than that. That's why we changed the game with our New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powder, which delivers the cleanest, ethically sourced dairy protein in the world. 


Our difference lies in New Zealand, where our pasture raised cows roam free year-round. Because of New Zealand’s 2000+ hours of sunlight per year, these gals get to graze on lush Kura clovers & explore their pasture almost every day. You can trust that these cows are being treated with the respect they deserve, get the deets on our Happy Cow Promise here.

Ethical dairy farming is in our blood as New Zealand is #1 for animal welfare standards, according to the Animal Protection Index. It’s not only our normal to treat animals well, it’s a critical part of New Zealand farming legislation. These laws ensure all farmers are compliant with things like food safety, building regulations, environmental issues & animal welfare standards. Included in these regulations are the Five Freedoms, or the basic rights every animal deserves:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  • Freedom from fear and distress
  • Freedom to express normal behavior

The use of antibiotics, hormones and chemicals is illegal in New Zealand, so you can rest easy knowing that our New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powder delivers everything you need and nothing that you don't. Hormone-free, nutrient-rich and higher in CLAs, vitamin E, beta carotene and omega-3s, our unstripped blend of whole milk and whey concentrate delivers a best-in-class amino acid profile. This gives your gut optimum ability to respond, absorb and digest all the goodness. 

Have any questions about what we covered today? Send them my way along with any comments you have!  Also, be sure to stay tuned for additional posts in our Sourcing Matters Series.

Keep it real,


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

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The Solo Day Hiker's Guide

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Mar 30, 2018 4:15:40 PM

photo: Adventure & Lifestyle Photographer @Torrey_merritt

If you’re a lone wolf on the trail, or simply just enjoy solace in the mountains, here are some suggestions to help you send safely, adeptly and with style (helpful links included!).


  • Behind every great adventurer is…a breakfast. Listen, I am not a morning person. I understand sometimes you snooze the alarm 13 times and don’t have time to make a super nutritious breakfast. Wellness Powder makes it possible. There are a variety of ways to grab Wellness Powder on the go, but sometimes all it takes is one serving of Wellness Powder, a shaker and your favorite drink (I like cold brew for that extra kick, but water works just fine as well). Wellness Powder is more than your traditional protein powder, it's got 15-18g of protein plus a happy helping of probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself, and you will instantly feel the difference in your energy levels as you hike.
  • Kind of obvious, but, know where you’re going. I must add this in because, in the age of the smartphone, sometimes we forget how important it is to have a basic compass and map. Do your research and know the route you’ll be taking, but bring backup in case your phone dies or you lose service, and screen shots are lost (this happens 10/10).


Hiking or running up 2,000+ vertical feet? When you’re sweating it out on an especially steep, technical hike, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you have light gear to suit the task. When necessity, purpose and comfort come together, you have reached hiking gear-nirvana. Here’s what that looks like:

  • A technical day pack that hugs you in the right places, fits your must-haves and doesn’t drag you down. Ever taken off a backpack and realized that you’re missing skin on your hips, back and shoulders? You need that skin, don’t let a backpack steal it from you! Your pack should work with your body. Make sure to measure yourself before you buy. Personally, I love Osprey for their supportive, light and comfy packs. This is my go to, it also has a hydration sleeve that can comfortably fit a 70oz hydration bladder. 
  • Don’t stop to sip, get a hydration bladder. The days of stopping every half-hour to hydrate are over. Get one of these guys to fit right into the hydration sleeve on your pack – it’s a game changer.
  • Treat your feet. If you’re just going for a day hike with a light, technical pack, you should wear lighter footwear. A heavy-duty hiking boot is best for going long distances with a heavy pack. My go-to is this trail running shoe by La Sportiva – it grips, is super comfy and doesn’t weigh me down. You can also get the Goretex version, which is 100% water resistant.


  • Bring a first-aid kit It could be you or someone you encounter on the trail who needs help, have this on hand. You’ll be happy you have it (10/10). It's also important to carry a multi-purpose tool or knife for emergencies. 
  • Headlamp, lighter and layers Sometimes a day hike turns into a night hike – we miscalculate length, take too long drinking that summit beer or some variation of the two. Always bring a headlamp so you can find your way back. Bring additional layers and rain gear in case there is a change in weather or for warmth and a lighter in case you need to make a fire.
  • Extra food and water purification tablets Bring some backup snacks and these tablets in case you run out of drinking water. 

If you’re hiking alone, remember to always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back. Hopefully these tips (and your morning Wellness Powder) help you reach your summit and own your adventure, happy hiking!

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

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Easy Prep 101: Kura in the Wild

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Mar 23, 2018 8:00:00 AM

photo: adventurous @aaliceinwonderland

We’ve shared a few stories about how Wellness Powder can help you own your adventure. Whether it be a quick and wholesome breakfast or a summit snack, we have you covered.

Today, we will be taking things a step further and sharing exactly how you can easily enjoy Wellness Powder whilst hiking, backpacking, climbing, etc. These recipes are great alternatives to protein/nutrition bars as they have way less sugar (22g of sugar in leading protein bar versus 4-6g naturally occurring sugar in Plant Based Vegan or New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powder), are easy to pack in and out, while also delivering 18g of protein, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. Without further ado, here’s what Wellness Powder looks like in the wild:


Meet my new addiction – these are so easy to pop as a snack it’s sometimes hard to stop. You only need 15 minutes to prep these bad boys, you can do it the morning of, the night before or even earlier in the week before your adventure. Throw them in your pack and get exploring!


The theme here is EASY – these are better to have prepped a day before your adventure as they take about 30 minutes to firm up in the fridge. Other than that, prep time is about 15 minutes. When you start to feel that midday grumble at camp or on the trail, reach for some no-bake Kura cookie goodness.


When I’m backpacking, car camping or hiking, this is how I start my mornings and keep my energy up mid-hike, climb, walk, etc. I pack my Kura signature shaker, water and two travel packets for every day of my adventure. I typically have a Sea Salt Chocolate single-serve travel packet with water in the morning and then another later in the day if I’m feeling hungry. The shaker is compact and can simply be refilled with water once you’re done (this is how I clean it on the go, no mess or hassle). For the fancier folk, you can use a Hydroflask to keep your drink of choice cold (cold brew or almond milk) and enjoy with a travel packet on a summit, trailside, at the crag or when you reach your campsite.

There are so many ways you can easily enjoy Wellness Powder outside, all of which offer wholesome nutrition, little to no mess and most importantly, no hassle or significant added weight to your pack. Check out our recipe blog for some additional inspo and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest Kura in the Wild recipes.

Send us any creative concoctions you bring on the trail for a chance to be featured in our next post!

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

Dina's favorite flavor is Chai Spice, check it out here.

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Hungry On The Trail? Adventure Fuel Just Got Easy

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Mar 15, 2018 1:38:51 PM

photo: The Kura Tribe Copy Director, Dina

The most difficult part of an adventure is bringing the right fuel to help you reach your summit, lake, meadow, what have you. It’s tough finding nutritious snacks that can tide you over out and back. Search no longer, you just found your new travel buddy, and here’s why:

1. Your camp kitchen consists of a spork and a water bottle.

Same. Not all of us are a master chef of camping meals, and for that, I have a simple solution. At minimum, Kura's Plant Based Vegan or New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powder only requires water, a scoop and a water bottle (the Kura signature shaker is lightweight and pack-friendly, perfect for mixing on the go). Which brings me to our next point…

2. Because choking down that granola bar after a long hike makes you want to cry

You’ve just bagged that peak, you’re taking in the view and the adrenaline that has been staving off your hunger is obsolete. You look forlornly into the bottom of your pack for the dry, crumbly hot mess of granola bar that awaits you, pregnant with sugar and broken dreams. Fear not! There is also a Wellness Powder single-serve travel packet – no chalk or grit, use your Kura signature shaker and mix with just water for a delicious, silky-smooth taste that goes down easy.

3. Your failed quest for sugarless protein makes you want to riot at the grocery store.

Before a long camping trip or hike, I find myself feverishly flipping over nutrition bars in the grocery store, trying not to lose my shit. The leading nutrition bar on the market has 22g of sugar, 230-270 calories and 9-11g of protein. There aren’t a lot of wholesome options for the adventurer these days that cover vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics AND protein without sugar. Excuse me while I stand on my soapbox, but Wellness Powder delivers vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics AND 15-18g of protein, is only 130-160 calories and 4-6g of naturally occurring sugar. Venture no longer, lost wellness wanderer, your journey is complete.

4. You’d rather give your left pinky finger than see a cow suffer.

Us too. Our New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powder comes from cows that frolic in pastures and live the good life. Enjoy Wellness Powder knowing that all our furry friends are treated the way nature intended. Get the deats on our cows here

5. Staying consistent with anything in life is tough, Wellness Powder makes it easy

I started off only using Wellness Powder when I was hiking or backpacking. It gave me that extra punch of energy when I needed it most, but also kept me feeling full for hours. Then I had a major duh moment – if Wellness Powder makes me perform better when climbing, hiking and backpacking, why not just have it every day? Surprise, surprise – a serving of Wellness Powder a day helps power my training at the climbing gym, crush my days at the crag and eliminates brain fog while working. Now I can’t imagine a day without it.

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

Dina's favorite flavor is Chai Spice, check it out here.

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Slay Your Wellness Routine

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Feb 6, 2018 8:29:00 AM

photo: wandering Stephanie

At first glance, I saw Kura as a protein powder – but it’s sooo much more than that. I quickly started to realize that my daily dose of Wellness Powder is a butt kicking wellness weapon. Whether you’re just getting started or Wellness Powder is already your holy grail, here are some tips for integrating Wellness Powder into the grind. 


It’s about 2PM, you’ve already had lunch and you’re sitting at your desk. Most of the office has powered through their work and it’s starting to quiet down…maybe too quiet…


What is this unearthly sound, you ask? Is it a monster bellowing from its hellish dark abyss?

No girlfriend – that’s your stomach, growling for all to hear. This has happened to me more times than I care to admit and it’s an immediate alarm that I need a snack. I keep a travel packet of Wellness Powder on my desk for this precise reason (that’s how often it happens). Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals help with stamina and brain function, which helps me power through my afternoon emails while also quelling the beast within. It even gets me ready for my post-work gym routine. If you’re like me and exercise after work, make sure to have the recommended 15-20g of protein before heading to the gym. It makes a major difference in performance. Lucky for you, Kura's New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powder clocks in at 18g a serving and our Plant Based Vegan Wellness Powder delivers 15g a serving.  Say goodbye to your 2PM stomach demon and hello to end-of-day motivation.


This past spring I decided to put myself out there and go on my first solo-backpacking trip. I’m not going to lie, I was NERVOUS. Logistics and equipment aside, one of the most important pieces of the trip was obvious…what the f*@$ was I going to eat?! I don’t know about you, but if I’m not full, I’m not me. Whatever I brought had to be light, fit in my backpack and, of course, be filling. Ding ding ding – Wellness Powder travel packets! These guys took up virtually little to no space in my pack and gave me the kick of energy I needed every morning before my hike.  Most importantly, Wellness Powder tastes delicious with plain ol' water – it can be tough finding almond milk 10-miles deep in the woods.


Food, ahhh, sweet, sweet food. Whether it’s a cheat day or a cheese board and wine on a roof deck in Spain, it has a certain je ne sais quois.

You know what doesn’t have a je ne sais quois? When all that cheese you ate has clogged up your pipes and left you unable to carry out basic bodily functions. That’s right, all that Spanish cheese has made you constipated.

This honestly might be one of my favorite use cases for Wellness Powder. It keeps you regular! Packed with prebiotic fiber and probiotics, it’s Drano for your weekend choices.

Hope that this give you all a few new ideas! When do you enjoy your Wellness Powder?

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

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3 Tips for Naturally Radiant Skin

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Feb 5, 2018 8:29:00 AM

photo: facial gurus silver mirror

Each year, I secretly wait in barely masked patience for the most glorious time of the year…SUMMER.  The mountains are filled with wild flowers, a vacation is typically on the horizon and the gods have bequeathed their annual gift to me, radiant skin.

The mix of sunshine, fresh produce and generally lower stress levels does wonders. It’s as if pimples are a thing of the past and will never again taint my face. I have sensitive skin and am very prone to break outs, so I can testify that the following tips truly help. They’ve helped me gain control over what I used to think was luck or winning the genetic lottery. Here are my simple yet effective secrets….


As Ben Stiller once said in Zoolander, “Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.” Wise words.

You’ve probably heard of the 8x8 rule (eight servings of 8oz glasses) to stay hydrated. This one size fits all mantra does NOT work for everyone. Start incorporating these tips and I guarantee you’ll see a difference in overall skin clarity, bounce and glow in only a few weeks:

  • Drink ½ an ounce to an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day.
    • Example: if you weigh 130lbs, your range would be 65-130oz a day; it is on the higher range if you are more active/sweating.
  • Drink small amounts throughout the day, don’t pound 40oz at once.
  • Mix your Wellness Powder with water, you’re getting a nutritious snack with a side of hydration.
  • Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go – weirdly, knowing the amount of ounces I’ve consumed makes me more likely to continue drinking water.


Do you ever get overwhelmed thinking about all the vitamin supplements out there, what to buy and how to incorporate them into your routine? Yea, me too. That’s why I was thrilled when I found out our Plant Based Vegan and New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powders have a happy helping of antioxidants, biotin, omega-3s, vitamins and minerals – all of which help promote healthy skin. Here’s how:

  • Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – These beauts are a must for your daily routine. Antioxidants help increase collagen production while also warding off free-radicals from aging and damaging sun exposure. Vitamin C helps even-out complexion while vitamin A can help stabilize the amount of oil your pores produce for clearer skin.
  • Biotin – Deficiencies in vitamin B6 (biotin) can lead to dry or acne prone skin. Biotin can also help you achieve those luscious locks and stronger nails.
  • Omega-3s – Healthy skin is moist skin. Omega-3s and fatty acids aid in keeping your skin hydrated.

SPF All Year

When we head to the beach in August or we’re hiking through the desert in June, it seems like common sense to apply sunscreen. But do you ever think about sunscreen in November or maybe even February? While UVB rays that cause sunburns are weaker during winter months, they are present with wrinkle-causing UVA rays throughout the year and can still cause skin damage. Before you step out, be sure to apply a minimum of SPF 15 to your face and neck. I personally love this SPF 25 matte moisturizer by Neutrogena, it’s great for sensitive skin!

What natural tips do you have for healthy skin? Send them over!

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

Dina's favorite flavor is Chai Spice, check it out here.

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Surviving Your Period 101

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Feb 4, 2018 8:29:00 AM

photo: stocksy

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘anything you can do, I can do bleeding'? Exercising, working or simply carrying on with the day, we do it once a month WHILST cramping, menstruating and trying not to spontaneously cry/laugh/smack someone/scream. Ladies – not only does your period affect mood, it has a major effect on your energy levels. During the third or fourth week of your cycle, have you ever noticed this plunge? Ever been in the middle of a workout and just been like, “nah, I’m good”?

Instead of fearing this time of the month, we can actually embrace it, harness it and learn to be more in tune with our bodies when eating and exercising.


As you’ve probably felt, the first two weeks of your cycle are when you have the most energy to exercise. These two weeks are the low hormone phase, when estrogen levels are minimal. With that said, this is the best time to focus on strength training and more difficult, performance based exercise. If you’re looking to whip through those tabata classes or hike that 14er, this is your window of opportunity.


Nutrition also plays a crucial role in your ability to crush during this time. According to the book, ROAR: How to Match Your Food & Fitness to Your Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health & a Strong, Lean Body for Life a structured macronutrient diet helps optimize the natural kick in energy you are already feeling at this time. Macro-whaaa?

Here is a simple breakdown you can follow:

  • Protein: 30-35% of your daily caloric intake (25-30g ideally within 30 minutes of exercise). Think Plant Based Vegan or New Zealand Dairy Wellness Powder.
  • Carbs: This should make up 40-45% of your daily caloric intake. Think whole grains, sweet potatoes, oatmeal.
  • Fats: 30% of your daily caloric intake. Think olive oil, avocados, fish.


The last two weeks of your cycle, feel free to take a laid back approach to exercise. At this point, your estrogen levels are starting to peak resulting in decreased energy (AKA motivation for anything other than eating Ben & Jerry’s while binging Netflix).

Be one with your PMS, you’ve already gotten the difficult training of the month out of the way. During this time, your body can feel muscle soreness more acutely. With that said, focus on cardio and restorative type exercises.  Maintaining a nutritious, balanced diet is key at this point in your cycle. Your metabolism is working harder, which is why you might be craving everything under the sun. By sticking with your normal healthy-eating routine, you can stay full and bypass that pizza (save it for the cheat day).

Remember, if you’re feeling a heavy-duty workout in the third week of your cycle, go for it! The point here is just to be aware of what generally physiologically happens during a woman’s cycle and how to plan for it. Do you have a workout schedule that is in line with your cycle? Tells us what’s been working for you!

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

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Kiss Traditional Protein Powder Goodbye, Get Protein With Benefits

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Feb 3, 2018 1:19:00 PM

A protein and superfood powder that is Mother Nature endorsed, nutritious and yummmm – yea that’s right, you just found the trifecta. Born in rich soil, abundant sunlight and rolling pastures, both our New Zealand Dairy and Plant Based Vegan Wellness Powders are chock full of protein, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A true wellness wonder, you’re getting the whole package. Shake it, bake it, blend it or freeze it – we’re serving up a nutrition revolution and it’s high time you were in on it. 


Your rise and grind secret weapon. A complete protein superfood packed with key nutrients and age-defying antioxidants. Wellness Powder may help support healthy brain function, concentration, memory and even mood.


Packed with biotin, omega-3s, vitamins and minerals, Wellness Powder supports luscious locks, strong nails and vibrant skin. The cherry on top of a healthy lifestyle, you deserve it.


When your digestion is flowing, everything seems right in the world. With probiotics and prebiotics in every serving, Wellness Powder supports healthy digestion amd nutrient absorption.


Your strength has gotten you this far in life, we intend to take you a step further. Amino acids in protein are the building blocks of muscle and bone. Push harder, farther and longer with a clean and ethically sourced protein.


Sassy coworkers, stuck in traffic or just having a plain difficult day? Get ready for your “ahhhh” moment. Enjoy Wellness Powder knowing that you finally did something for YOU. We strive to keep you centered and hope our little bit of goodness goes a long way.


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5 Bucket List Adventures You Haven't Been On

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Feb 2, 2018 2:18:00 PM

photo: sister adventurers Cassouki & Dina

This isn’t a pedestrian bucket list, so prepare yourself for exhilaration. Warning: reading this post may cause you to feel the wind in your hair, sun on your skin and bring a tear to your eye (see #5).

Float the Canyon:  ARIZONA

You may have already seen the Grand Canyon, but have you rafted it? This adventure is geared for the wild thangs out there, but if you’re willing to shatter your comfort zone, get after this. These trips range from 3-18 days and careen down the Colorado River, taking in side canyons, Native American ruins, waterfalls…basically everything magical in this world.

Guided experiences are available for the newbies, but they tend to be pricey. If you’re a full-fledged rafting legend who eats white water for breakfast (and has the cred to back it up), you can enter a weighted lottery. The process can be lengthy and requires planning ahead. If you don’t have a flexible schedule, this is a quit-your-job-once-in-a-lifetime type experience, so count yourself #blessed if you get in!  

Defy Death on Angel’s Landing:  UTAH

Zion National Park became Insta-famous seemingly overnight. More photogenic than Ryan Gosling, its soaring walls of Navajo Sandstone bow away from the Virgin River to offer phantasmagoric views. This is truly a choose-your-own-adventure landscape – canyoneering, climbing and backpacking abound. Angel’s Landing has become the poster-child hike for Zion, featuring as one of the 25 most dangerous hiking trails in the world. You get bad ass points for this one, but you MUST explore the rest of the park. Check out the National Park Service’s website for some inspo (Insider’s Tip: plan to do the Narrows).

Huts in the Backcountry:  NEW ZEALAND

Ready to cut your teeth on the next level of backpacking? Get your booty to New Zealand – the birthplace of Kura and impetus for upping your ante. Coming from the United States where the majority of backpacking is done with no shelter other than…well…what’s on your back, New Zealand offers up an interesting twist. Plan your hikes around backcountry huts located on the South Island. After a long day, these little jewels are typically found nesting in the epicenter of beauty. Be sure to pop into one and become part of this super-tramping antiquity.

photo: Elsa's Wholesome Life

Indulge in Vegan Ice Cream:  BALI

You know your girl had to add a food-related adventure. So hypothetically, you’re in Bali – you’ve spent a long day surfing, holding monkeys and visiting ancient temples. With no blender on hand, your Wellness Powder smoothie craving has run rampant into a deafening crescendo of “NEEEED FROZEN TREATS.” No fear, Bali is home to a vegan ice cream called Kokolato. With a coconut base, you can indulge without disturbing your lactose stomach demon. Plus, vegan ice cream is a solid excuse for booking a trip to Bali.

photo: turtle lover

Turtles:  COSTA RICA

Do I even have to explain this? Have you ever watched a baby turtle flop its way to the ocean for the first time? Watch this National Geographic video, and you can thank me later. I’m going to do you one better with this adventure suggestion – visit Costa Rica to see turtles make their maiden voyage…IN PERSON.  Costa Rican beaches are a hot spot for arribada, or the annual arrival of turtles to lay their eggs. Once these buns in the oven hatch, you can choose a little guy and accompany him on his walk.  If you put animals on a pedestal (as we all should), book your flight now.

Do you feel inspired? Get traveling and send us your stories!

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

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Hydrate Or Exfoliate With Avocado Face Mask DIY

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Feb 1, 2018 4:06:00 PM

photo: stocksy

If avocado toast just isn't enough for you, try out our new, fave avo-based masks.

3/4 of avocado, mashed
1tsp raw honey diluted in 1/2tsp hot water
Mix all of the ingredients together. Apply this avocado goodness to your clean face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes then enjoy the hydration.
1/2 of avocado, mashed
2tbsp honey
2tbsp lime juice
1/4c extra virgin olive oil
4tbsp sea salt (or try raw sugar!)
Add avocado, honey and lime juice to a blender and blend until smooth. Slowly add in olive oil - you may not need all 1/4c depending on how big your avocado is. Texture should be a thick cream. Remove mixture from blender and add in sea salt. Apply this avocado goodness to your clean face in a circular motion to exfoliate. Leave on for 15-20 minutes then BOOM, perfection.
Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Creative Director

Cassouki's favorite flavor is Chai Spice, check it out here.

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Winter Wellness Guide

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Jan 31, 2018 5:02:00 PM

photo: wandering Stephanie

This year the pendulum of winter has swung from bomb cyclone apocalypse to mild spring-time temps. There’s no denying that climate change is making things straight-up weird.  This shift doesn’t just affect our psyche (WTF is going on), it also beats up our skin, nails and hair. I, therefore, bestow this gift of winter-madness wellness tips with the hopes that your hair flows, skin glows, and nails are as tough as your baaad self.

1. Eat Clean(er)

It’s easy to get a little side-tracked by pizza, wine, ice cream…must I continue? Unfortunately, these treats can contain gluten and other highly-processed ingredients, which can deprive your body of key nutrients required to grow and rejuvenate your skin, hair, and nails. 

 Bring your balance back by:

  • Including seasonal fruits & veggies in your meals on a regular basis
  • Cutting back on sweets – keep that Ben & Jerry’s locked away until Sunday
  • Your morning sets the tone for the day – start off with some triple berry Kura shaken with ice water to simultaneously hydrate and kick-start your metabolism

 2. Don’t Underestimate Exfoliating

When your skin cells die, they don’t just POOF disappear. They linger. Hopefully, the vision of dead flakey skin cells is the kick in the booty you need to get exfoliating. Here are some of our faves:

  • Dry skin brushing (using a bristle brush like this one and brushing from toe to head in a counterclockwise motion)
  • Using a sauna to detox the skin and sweat out impurities
  • Increasing cardio exercise to promote additional sweating

As for your mane, an easy detox trick is to wash it with apple cider vinegar to help remove chemicals, environmental toxins and build up. Mix the following ingredients* in a glass bottle, pour on wet hair, let it sit for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse:

  • ⅛ cup organic apple cider vinegar
  • ¾ cup purified water
  • 10 drops lemon essential oil
  • 10 drops rosemary essential oil 

*Recipe adapted from

To give your nails some breathing room, we recommend switching to a clean nail polish brand that’s free from these chemicals and alternating the weeks that you wear nail polish. 

3. Up Your Mineral Intake

Remember the carb, fat and protein ratio we talked about? The next piece of your nutritional equation is essential minerals like zinc, copper, iodine, selenium, and iron (all found in Kura!). Without them, our hair can become weak, skin becomes cracked, and nails can become thin and brittle. Get on top of this by making sure your diet includes things like:

  • Legumes
  • Kura Dairy or Plant Protein
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Garlic
  • Eggs
  • Shellfish
  • Greens like kale or spinach
4. Reduce Caffeine and Stress

Easier said than done, but the fact of the matter is dry, unhealthy skin, hair, and nails can be a sign that stress is getting the best of you. Prolonged stress can divert the body’s attention away from non-vital areas of growth and function, leaving them depleted and malnourished.  Sometimes stress is unavoidable, so control what you can – and that, my friend, is your caffeine intake.

As hard as it is to admit, caffeine can be a big stressor to the body and should be enjoyed in moderation. Instead of that 2pm cup of joe, maybe attend a lunch-time yoga sesh to keep you centered and focused.

Spring might still be a ways out, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your health. Cheers to these little wellness secrets getting you through til April.

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copy Director

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3 Tenets of a Happy Cow

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Jan 30, 2018 5:16:00 PM

When you’re hangry at the office would you say you produce your best work? Nope. People need the right conditions to flourish. Cows are no exception – here at Kura, these are our babies, and we strive to establish a purely symbiotic relationship. You can trust that our Happy Cow Promise is more than mere semantics, it’s our lifeblood.

Let Them Run Free!

The OG of humane dairy farming, Kura is proud to call New Zealand home. Grass fed and pasture raised, we ensure our cows are free to frolic to their hearts’ content. Our country is one of the few places in the world where cows can graze year-round, and the only country that gets 2,000+ hours of natural sunlight every year. Cows who have unhindered access to grass and sunlight produce milk with higher levels of omega 3s, CLA fats, Vitamin E & Beta Carotene.

Holistic Lovin’

Look an animal in the eye, and you will see its soul. Cows are sentient beings, they FEEL.  Their emotional well-being is just as much a part of their health. We forge a deep bond with our cows based on respect, love and compassion.  Yes, we all need food to function, but what’s life without some lovin’? 

1-On-1 Attention 

Our pastures are the Om of the farming world.  Our furry friends roam free, the farmers know each cow by name and provide the one-on-one attention they deserve. We know their personalities, their preferences, their patterns, and their emotions (it’s adorable, I know).

Each cow dons a lightweight collar so that we can track their heart rate and blood pressure and quickly identify whenever they’re stressed or unhappy (which is rare!). Our constant care allows us to tap into their well-being 24/7. Whether it’s 2 a.m. or 2 p.m., our farmers immediately come out to the pasture to see why the animal may be in distress and comfort them back to good health. This process has generated a deep and trusting bond between animal and farmer.

Other than being the right thing, tracking their well-being in this way is important to us because it reduces the amount of stress hormones in our dairy products, which can affect us as consumers on a physiological level.

Plain and simple, all animals deserve to be happy. Kura will always be a steward of goodness for our furry friends.

Keep it real, 


The Kura Tribe Copywriter

Dina's favorite flavor is Chai, check it out here.

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6 Reasons to Embrace Wanderlust

Posted by Cassouki Chouramanis on Jan 28, 2018 5:30:00 PM

photo: Dani The Explorer

Post by Guest Writer & Blogger: Chelsea DuHaime

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

To many, wanderlust is an overused word to describe the desire to travel, but it’s so much more than that. Wanderlust is not merely a need for escape, but it’s a desire to experience life. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, we often get stuck in the comfort of our daily routines. Routines keep us steady, they keep our ambitions on track to achieve our goals, but it’s easy to get lost in the hustle, bustle of everyday life. Take some advice from an overachiever suffering from high-functioning anxiety… Never become so busy making a living that you forget to live your life. For my fellow overachievers stuck in the daily routine rut, here are 6 reasons to book your next adventure ASAP.

Travel opens your eyes to new cultures

When trapped in a routine rut, we often suffer from tunnel vision. We hear about stories in the news, we see dreamy destinations promoted on social media, we read about tales of romance, travel, and adventure, yet many of us aren’t inspired enough to explore. Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day details of our lives, that we forget to question what we know. The cure for tunnel vision? Travel. Meet new people, (attempt to) speak a new language, indulge in exotic foods, explore new terrain, and embrace each moment that comes your way. 

Travel allows you to remain anonymous 

Unless you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s probably safe to say that no one knows who you are in an unfamiliar setting. Embrace it. You are no longer defined by your career, family, or relationship obligations. You’re free to be yourself and even better, sometimes you grow into someone completely new. With travel comes experiences that question what we know, who we are, and what we consider to be valuable. Plan. Book. Explore. Grow. Reinvent yourself. 

Travel makes you question your lifestyle

I know I’ve said it before, but are you truly living? Don’t become so busy earning that ca$h money that you forget to use it! It’s all about balance, but you can’t put a price on experience. We often book a trip to escape for a week or two at a time, but travel offers so much more than that. It can reignite your passions, awaken dreams that had faded long ago, and has the ability to make us question how we choose to live out the rest of our days. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Start researching locations that inspire you and book your next adventure.

Travel develops relationships you never dreamed of

I landed my first gig in tech, thanks to travel. Long story short, a girl chatted me up at the airport, we became close friends (and still are to this day), she referred for my first job, which resulted in my relocation to Los Angeles. I’ve remained here for the past 4 years until yet again, travel changed my life. I met the love of my life back in my city by the bay. We both grew up in the outskirts of San Francisco, attended rival high schools, and he even worked at my local hangout spot, yet I would’ve never met him if I hadn’t traveled home for the holidays last winter. My point being, you don’t have to go far to meet people who will change your life. Keep an open mind and embrace those you meet along your journey.

Travel creates memories of a lifetime

This pretty much goes without saying, but travel reminds us that there are bigger things in life than owning the shiniest objects. In a business-oriented world with tech-savvy marketing strategies, sometimes we forget that it’s more important to collect memories instead of items. You only live once. Don’t let your time go to waste. 

Travel ignites a fire within your soul

Point-blank, travel makes us feel alive. It challenges us to rethink our lifestyle in ways we would’ve never expected. It’ll beg the question, are you happy? If you’re not happy, what’s the point to this crazy, chaotic life? 

The gist?

We wanderlust to live rather than earn a living. If you’re in a routine rut, visit Brunette Decorum’s guides to brainstorm your next trip. Remember, you don’t have to go far for inspiration. Whether you’re looking for an exotic escape or local getaway, your next adventure is sure to challenge your perspective, question your lifestyle, and create memories that will be discussed for years to come.

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